If you are considering breeding your mare, please understand that breeding horses is a challenging endeavor.  I highly recommend that you research the progenitors of the mare and the stallion extensively before making a choice.  I see breeding more as a cross of two families of horses rather than an individual to and an individual.  To aid you in understanding this, I have included here a gallery of Homem Brilhante's predecessors.   The more similar the mare and stallion are the more assured you are of knowing what the foal will look like. 

The Lusitano horse is very pre-potent, and has often been used to improve other breeds.  This is because of the length of time the Lusitano has been kept and bred for these specific traits is much longer than most other breeds of horses, with records of the type used for breeding going back more than a 1,000 years.  When crossing different breeds of horses, predicting the outcome is more difficult.

Lusiadas is Homem's sire                             Vida Lam is Homem's Dam. 

Dardo II , Homem's Great Grandsire

Homem Brilhante Show Record

  • 2014 First Place Lusitano 2 years and under Stallion  class Andalusian World Cup
  • 2016 Second Place Lusitano Stallions 3-4 Years Old in hand and under saddle Andalusian World Cup
  • 2016 Reserve Champion Level 2 Working Equitation at the AZWEC Cuadro San Benito Show
  • 2017 Reserve Champion Level 3 Working Equitation at the AZWEC Seventy-seven Equestrian Center Show
  • 2017 AZWEC Level 3 Year End Reserve Champion Working Equitation.
  • 2017 Top Ten in the USA Confederation for WE Level 3 Open division.
  • 2019 Andalusian World Cup Working Equitation Level 4 Reserve Champion
  • 2019 WDAA Level 4 test 1 66.87%,  Level 3 test 1 65.37%

Below you can see his three foals by Homem Brilhante.  Macario Star is a handsome buckskin 7/8 lusitano colt on the left at 3 months.  Opal Star an S/P filly at 6 months. Lindesa an S/P Filly at 7 months.  All are conformationally balanced, with good straight legs and friendly personalities. 

Coudelaria Estelar

Othelo do Retiro is Homem's Maternal Grandsire.

Homem Brilhante ASM STAR 

Standing at Stud  for $1300/Purebred mare and $1,000/other breed.

Homen Brilhante,  or "Grits" as we call him on the ranch,  is a marvelous example of the Lusitano breed.   His color is called Perlino,  which is a double dilute cream over a bay base coat, and he also carries a red gene.  This genetic combination will make it possible for him to throw palomino, buckskin, smokey black, cremello and perlino colored foals.  He has a spectacular metallic shine, and lovely blue eyes.   Grits is very intelligent and sensitive,  I love to work with him because he learns so quickly.     

These photos are of Homem Brilhante as he has grown over the years.   Homen was shown in Las Vegas, and won 1st place in the 3 yr and under Lusitano Colt class under the Honorable, Joao Ralua Duarte in 2014.  Homem Brilhante is double registered in both the IALHA and the APSL.

He is available for breeding  via shipped semen and onsite breeding via collected semen.  I utilize the top quality reproductive center called Bandolero Ranch in Tucson, AZ.  You can read about their services here. http://www.bandaleroranch.com/services.  

His breeding fee is $1300,  breaks down as a $300 booking fee and a $1,000 stud fee for any purebred mare (PSL, PRE or S/P) .  The breeding fee for non-purebred mares is $1,000 which $300 booking fee and $700 stud fee.  All collection and shipping fees will be in addition to the stud fee. Collection and shipping is typically $350/shipment.  His offspring are eligible for registration in the IALHA stud book, as either purebreds or half-andalusians depending on the mare's registration status.  He is also registered with APSL, so if the mare is registered with APSL offspring would also be eligible. 

He is recorded with the APSL as "HOMEN B ASMOHR(USA)"