Coudelaria Estelar

Belle Star

Born in 2006

Belle is a purebred bay mare, with a blaze and 2 hind socks and stands 15. hands. Belle has some very notable Lusitanos in her pedigree.  Grandsire is Hipogrifo (Black lower right), her other Grandsire is Damasco (Bay lower left).  Her sire Reinado, is the black in the lower center.

I love to work with Belle,  she is very smart easy to train and athletic as all get out.   She is FUN out on the trail,  very brave and loves to go, go go.   She is very sensitive and not a beginners horse, but great for me!

I have just started her in working equitation and she is a natural with a nice collected canter and easy lead changes.  I hope to start competing with her in 2014.