COUDELARIA BOA NOVA LUSITANOS is located in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  They have been producing top quality Lusitano Horses for since 1970.  Now owned by Andre Almeida De Menezes Cortes, and the third generation to be owning this important breeding farm.   Andre has an incredible passion and respect for the Lusitano Horse.  He admires this horse for their depth of character and incredible athletic ability. For Andre, the Lusitano is the physical embodiment of nobility and beauty.  

Amy Star is the USA Sales Agent for the Top Lusitano Farm Boa Nova.  Amy met Andre in 2018, when Amy went to Brazil to compete at the Lusitano Championship Show in Working Equitation.   Having found a kindred spirit in Andre, in their shared passion of the Lusitano horse,  Amy now assists U.S. buyers on the purchase and importation of Lusitanos, from  the Boa Nova Farm in Brazil.

Coudelaria Estelar

2 year old 

One Month of age

Mazurka, born August 26, 2015 is classic Lusitano.   Mazurka has earned a highly coveted Gold Medal for morphology from APSL Judges, and was the Reserve National Champion Lusitano Junior Mare of Brazil in 2017.  She has been lightly started under saddle in January of 2019, and already showing three good gaits and a good mind for saddle work.  

Mazurka is for sale to a discerning buyer.  She is line bred back to the world renowned Lusitano Stallion Afiancado de Flandes (25%). She has great potential in the competition arena or as a foundation broodmare to a top quality breeding farm.  She is for sale open or bred to one of BOA NOVA's top stallions.  Price includes importation costs to the U.S.A.,  current blood work on hand and showing to be negative for piro-plasmosis.  Price is $30,000.  

Mazurka Boa Nova ​- SOLD


Noturna da Boa Nova- b. 12-11-2016 is a buckskin mare, turning grey. 

Noturna da Boa Nova, for the discerning Lusitano breeder, a rare opportunity to acquire a top quality mare for either competition or for breeding. She is destined for greatness in either track. There are so few Lusitano mares for sale because they are treasured and guarded as the heart of a breeding program. I have heard there are fewer than 7,000 registered approved Lusitano broodmares worldwide.

Noturna born December 2016 is an elegant tall mare, with a strong back,correct gaits and a willing temperament. She has been raised out on grass (with proper supplements) for strong joints and tendons.

Her bloodlines both top and bottom and siblings have many awards and titles. When considering a mare for breeding, you are looking at all their whole family to discern her quality for being a breeding mare.

She is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.   Her price is $32,000, which includes all of her importation arrangements and travel costs.  To be delivered to Miami, FL.  Guaranteed to pass quarantine and health inspections.   Will be accompanied by an attendant all the way from her home farm in Brazil to Miami, FL.  Experienced and knowledgeable breeder and exporter of Lusitano horses.