Coudelaria Estelar

Holly Sheldon, Ali Sheldon, Kayli Sheldon

Amy Star was an early equestrian coach and mentor for my daughters (and consequently myself as well) when they were just 8 and 9 years old.  She introduced the and I to new and unfamiliar skills like handling lariats and stockmanship while always developing our horsemanship.  I remember how it seemed at the time, but she was encouraging and inspirational and pushed us to step outside of our comfort zone.  She continually provided and championed opportunities to work on our new skills and they began to seem much easier.  In time we gained proficiency in our cattle and rope work. We came to enjoy the ranch riding discipline best and now my 18 and 19 year old daughters are exquisite horse women.  Amy's example of leadership taught me how to run successful clinics and our 4-H program continues to grow from the foundation she began.  There are still kids now benefiting from the example Amy set.

Testimonials ...

Allison Mazurkiewicz

I attended a working equitation clinic June 6th and 7th in Loveland, CO taught by Amy Star. Being new to the sport I gained valuable insight to the flat work training involved and what the judges are looking for at each obstacle.  We also went through how to correctly ride the  obstacle  and the schooling of the obstacles.  There was a variety of breeds and levels of horses and riders.  Amy was able to bring out the best in each pair while giving them confidence.  She had a positive attitude and yet the precise eye to advance each pair.  We were able to ride through a dressage test and an obstacle course with judging and verbal feedback after each phase.  I also enjoyed learning obstacle course strategy.  Amy was very accessible during and after the clinic to chat, answer questions and give advice. I felt this was a very informative clinic with a positive atmosphere fostered by Amy throughout the weekend.  I came away with increased confidence in myself and my mare.  I was able to attend a WE schooling show the following weekend and felt prepared.  I was also able to transfer my WE knowledge from the clinic and apply my knowledge to the benefit of my students.  I would highly recommend Amy for you next WE clinic!